We shepherd

mature & timeless

brand identities.

Sometimes, we just need a friend to step in &

remind us of how far we've come & how

much further our vision can take us.


It's our honor to shepherd your dream

with class, poise, and heart.

~ D&H Snipes

who is shepherding your brand?

we are here to help

We would love to start a conversation

with you, over a coffee or lunch, to answer

any questions you might have & discover,

together, if we would be a good fit to

bring your new brand identity to life.



What our clients are saying

What our clients are saying

D. Walter // Greenville, SC

Working with Daniel from Prolific was an absolute treat for us! From the moment we met, we knew that Daniel understood us and would bring our vision to life. He exceeded our expectations on every front and we will forever be grateful that we were introduced to him. Daniel will always be a memorable part of our journey.


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