The lovechild of new orleans

Since 2010, Daniel Snipes has been performing at festivals, nightclubs, cafes, and jazz bars from South Carolina to Oregon. He is known for his soulful, eclectic riffs, tight pocket' rhythms, and effortless, breathy voice.


Music in his blood.

Daniel Snipes is a multifaceted artist with creativity exhuming from within on a daily basis. Whether it’s music, design or with people- Daniel has a keen sense of creative direction.

With music, he explores notes of jazz, RnB, and melodically off beat patterns that tempt your soul with provoking emotion. The way he crafts melodies together on guitar, with his voice or on the drums evokes interest in the hearts and minds of listeners.

Daniel has toured the country playing music and has been a part of multiple bands since he was a young-one in high school. His musical proficiency runs deep and is at an expert level- to the point he can take complicated musical theory and teach it to even the newest of musicians. Music runs in his blood and is the life he lives.

Crossing Genres

eclectic soul

Daniel's repertoire consists of an acoustic and electric variety of blue-eyed soul, southern jazz, RNB, blues, pop, and fingerstyle guitar.



Recorded live in BARE Studios, KCMO with phenomenal bass player Riley Scheetz.


Sun tan in February? A fun, pop-influenced track describing the story of Southern boy experiencing California for the first time.


Recorded live in Kansas City, MO with incredible singer/songwriter, Marshall Kirkman.

Young Love

Most popular track from Daniel Snipes second studio album (Diamond Veins), "Young Love" describes the tale of Abraham and Sarah from the Bible.